Cyber-Physical Energy Systems (CPES)


Current distribution grid with various multi-domain and multi-physics components (power, market, weather, buildings, control, communication, software, embedded hardware, sensors, etc.) is an interesting example of cyber-physical system. In this research area, our primary focus is to develop technology and innovative solutions for demand side energy management including: 1) hierarchical, distributed, agent-based control algorithms for commercial/residential/industrial buildings and microgrid, 2) modeling and simulation capability including both cyber and physical components (cyber-physical co-simulation) of the demand side distribution grid, 3) electronic design automation tool design for CPES, etc. The figure below shows an exemplary residential microgrid example


The basic objective of demand side energy management is to match the supply and demand. An example of matching supply and demand during off peak time between 12 AM and 5 AM is shown below. In this example, electricity is stored in various forms, e.g. thermal, chemical (battery), potential energy (pumped-storage hydroelectricity), etc.

The example below shows peak load time between 2 PM and 6 PM when energy price is high and stored electricity may be utilized to match the demand.

  • Prof. Mohammad Abdullah al Faruque
  • Korosh Vatanparvar
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We have developed various electronic design automation tools for the CPES. Some of those tools are open-sourced in the following links:
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