Journal/Transaction Publications

Y. Lu, R. Kuruganty, M. A. Al Faruque, J. Ren, W. Zhang, P. Rosendall and D. Scheidt: “Risk based Multi-Agent Chilled Water Control System for a More Survivable Naval Ship“, published in the International Journal of Intelligent Control and Systems, March 2013 download pdf

Major Conference/Symposium/Workshop Publications

F. Ahourai, I. Huang, M. A. Al Faruque, “Modeling and Simulation of the EV Charging in a Residential Distribution Power Grid”, in the IEEE Green Energy and Systems Conference (IGESC’13), California, US, November 2013 download pdf

A. Canedo,E. Schwarzenbach, M. A. Al Faruque, “Context-sensitive Synthesis of Executable Models of Cyber-Physical Systems“, to appear in the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS’13), 2013 (Acceptance rate 23.3%) download pdf


Al Faruque, M. A., Ludwig, H., Dalloro, L., Patent, “Aggregator-based electric microgrid for residential applications incorporating renewable energy sources“, US 8571955 B2 (Approve: October 29, 2013), Patent Granted

ARXIV/Technical Reports/Posters/Other Publications

M. A. Al Faruque: “EDA for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Design“, NSF 2013 National Workshop on Energy CPS, Washington DC, USA, 2013. download pdf

F. Ahourai, M. A. Al Faruque: “Grid Impact analysis of a Residential Microgrid under Various EV Penetration Rates in GridLAB-D“, Technical Report, TR 13-08, July 2013. download pdf

M. U, Tariq, M. A. Al Faruque, S. Grijalva, M Wolf: “Towards A Generic, Service-Oriented Framwork for Distributed Real-time Systems“, International Workshop on Real-time and Distributed Computing in Emerging Applications (REACTION’12), Co-located with 33rd Real-Time Systems Symposium, San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 2012 (full paper). download pdf