Journal/Transaction Publications

I. Uz Zaman, A. Lopez, M. A. Al Faruque, O. Boyraz, “Physical Layer Cryptographic Key Generation by Exploiting PMD of an Optical Fiber Link“, published in the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology (IEEE JLT’18), 2018 download pdf

N. Chang, M. A. Al Faruque, Z. Shao, J. Xue, D. Baek, “Survey of Low-Power Electric Vehicles: A Design Automation Perspective“, published in the IEEE Design & Test (IEEE D&T’18), 2018 download pdf

S. Chhetri, S. Faezi, M. A. Al Faruque, “Information Leakage-Aware Computer Aided Cyber-Physical Manufacturing”, published in the IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security (IEEE TIFS’18), 2018 download pdf

K. Vatanparvar, S. Faezi, I. Burago, M. Levorato, M. A. Al Faruque, “Extended Range Electric Vehicle with Driving Behavior Estimation in Energy Management“, published in the IEEE Transaction on Smart Grid (IEEE TSG’18), 2018 download pdf

H. Lee, M. Shafique, M. A. Al Faruque, “Aging-aware Workload Management on Embedded GPU Under Process Variation“, published in the IEEE Transactions on Computers (IEEE TC’18), 2018 download pdf (Research highlights section of Nature Electronics, Feb 2018) download

Major Conference/Symposium/Workshop Publications

J. Wan, B. Pollard, S. Chhetri, M. A. Al Faruque, A. Canedo, “Structural Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Engineering“, published in the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Computer-Aided  Design (ICCAD’18), San Diego, CA, November, 2018. download pdf

D. Hovhannisyan, A. Eltawil, M. A. Al Faruque, F. Kurdahi, “Circuit Inspired Modeling Substrate for Irrigation“, published in the The Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design (DSD’18), 2018, Prague, Czech Republic. download pdf


P. Tseng, M. A. Al Faruque, F. Kurdahi, “Tracking Diet and Nutrition with a Wearable Bio-Iot “, UC Case No. 2018-821-1, ROI Date: 5/07/2018

M. A. Al Faruque, A. Canedo, R. Chhetri, “Quality Inference from Living Digital Twins in IoT-Enabled Manufacturing Systems“, UC Case No. 2018-821-x, ROI Date: 5/xx/2018

I. Uz Zaman, A. Lopez, M. A. Al Faruque, O. Boyraz, “Cryptographic Key Generation Utilizing PMD to Secure Optical Fiber Link“, UC Case No. 2018-534-1, ROI Date: 5/10/2018

I. Uz Zaman, A. Lopez, M. A. Al Faruque, O. Boyraz, “Cryptographic Key Generation Utilizing PMD to Secure Optical Fiber Link“, UC Case No. 2018-533-1, ROI Date: 5/09/2018

Al Faruque, M. A., Wan, J., Lopez, A. Patent, “Secret Key Generation for Wireless Communication in Cyber-Physical Automotive Systems“, US 10,129,022 B1, (Approve: November 13, 2018), Patent Granted

ARXIV/Technical Reports/Posters/Other Publications

M. A. Al Faruque, “Side-Channel Vulnerabilities of Cyber-Physical Systems in Biomedical Applications“, UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium, June, 2018 download pdf

J. Wan, A. Canedo, M. A. Al Faruque, “System Level CPS design using Non-Euclidean Training Method” CECS TR 18-02, posted on June 6, 2018. download pdf

Tutorials Presented

M. A. Al Faruque, “Design for Security – Cross-Domain Cyber-Physical System Security: Applications in Automotive and Additive Manufacturing Systems“, presented at the Chip in the Pampa 2018 (SBCCI’18), Bento Goncalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2018